Rosa Ambassador Programme Now Live

Rosa Ambassador Programme Now Live

30 January 2024

| The Rosa Team

As a small festival with no commercial backing, in an ever-competitive climate for events, it’s important that we nurture the growth and evolution of the festival in the most natural way possible. For this, we are proud to introduce our ambassador program.

In previous years, we’ve sold discounted group tickets - but we found this was tricky to manage at the gate with groups of people arriving at different times. Our solution? An ambassador program. This way we can grow the festival via word of mouth, whilst giving back to the Rosa community with the rewards scheme.

It’s simple really, for each 5 people you refer using your personal ambassador link, you get a free ticket on us. This is to say thank you for helping us grow the festival by passing the message along the grapevine. The incentive for your mates is that they get a cheeky discount off their ticket, so it’s worth sending instead of paying full price.

When someone purchases a ticket using your link, you will receive an e-mail notification and you can track your reward progress by logging in to our new ambassador hub on our website.

The very last few Tier 2 tickets are on sale now, so get yourself signed up and sharing your ambassador link and you’ll be well on your way to earning some free prizes from us.

Click here to sign up as an ambassador.